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High speed (30m/min) CMYK Single Pass Ink-jet printer for direct printing on Corrugated Cardboard and other porous materials. Accepts thicknesses up to 15 cm thick

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If you are considering a printer that offers great versatility, good productivity and very low printing costs, this is a machine to consider.

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GreenBox EVO: The Revolution in Direct Printing on Cardboard, Paper, and Jute Packaging

The Digital System GreenBox EVO represents the future of direct printing on cardboard, paper, and jute packaging. Derived from the exceptional success of our GreenBox, one of our best-selling cardboard and packaging printers, GreenBox EVO is the result of years of experience in the printing industry on packaging materials.

Exceptional Performance and Versatility

La GreenBox EVO It's a printer CMYK singles Pass highly performing, able to meet even the needs of professionals who require superior performance, impeccable reliability and reduced printing costs. One of the distinctive features of the new GreenBox EVO is the Automatic Feeder optional, equipped with a vacuum pump system specifically designed to handle a wide range of specific media, including cardboards, corrugated boards and sheets of paper.

To ensure a greater autonomy and the possibility of managing even large print runs, the GreenBox EVO It is equipped with large 3 liter ink cans per color, minimizing printing costs. In addition, we have completely redesigned the support and the feeding table, implementing a advanced vacuumed floor which improves the stability of the supports during printing.

Ease of Use and Extraordinary Versatility

GreenBox EVO it's extremely user-friendly and incredibly versatile. It represents the perfect digital solution for those who want to enter the world of direct packaging printing with an affordable investment. This versatility is made possible by the combined use of a motor of ultra high speed CMYK printing and water-based pigment inks, solvent-free and odourless, which allow printing on a wide range of materials, both treated and untreated.

Our micrometric system with digital display offers a precise adjustment of the height of the print head, allowing printing on supports or directly on packaging with a thickness up to 15 cm, allowing direct printing on a wide range of products, including rolled or corrugated cardboard, pre-die-cut packages like boxes for cakes, pizzas, wines, footwear and shipping bags.

High Productivity and Extraordinary Quality

GreenBox EVO guarantees a exceptional productivity thanks to its print speed. Thanks to the printhead HP Pagewide single pass, the printer is capable of producing four-color prints at a speed of 30 meters per minute With a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. Pigmented water-based inks offer not only a Extraordinary performance upon untreated supports but also a exceptional resistance to weather, friction and water.

In summary, GreenBox EVO is an innovative solution for direct printing on packaging materials, and represents the key to customize boxes, shipping bags and paper and jute bags into small and medium print runs. His versatility, trustworthiness and print quality make it a strategic investment for companies that seek to stand out in the packaging market. With GreenBox EVO, there are no limits: it is now possible to print directly on packaging materials with exceptional results.

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Technical Specifications Description
Print Width Up to 30cm
Print Mode CMYK (Four-color)
Print Speed Up to 30 meters per minute
Maximum Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi
Inks Water-based pigment inks, solvent-free
Printable Media Types Carton, paper, jute, treated and untreated substrates
Maximum Material Thickness Up to 15 cm thickness
Print Head Width 30cm
Maximum Media Width Up to 80cm
Automatic Feeder Yes (Optional), with vacuum pump system
Ink Tanks 3 liters per color
Vacuum Table Yes, to enhance substrate stability
Ease of Use Extremely user-friendly
Digital Display Yes, with included RIP [Flexprint]

Do you need to print on larger cardboard formats? Discover the new Lineup of the EDM-650X series with models up to 180 cm of printing width

We are pleased to announce that the series EDM-650X not only does it offer the same extraordinary versatility in terms of printing materials as the Greenbox-Evo, but it is now available in 5 different configurations, with a maximum print width from 60 to 180 cm. This expansion of the lineup makes it possible to manage even larger projects, ensuring the maximum flexibility And theadaptability to specific customer needs. Whether you need to personalize large boxes or create spectacular packaging for special events, the series EDM650-X has the right model for you. The model with a 180cm print head offers a paper/cardboard passage up to 250cm wide!

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