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Direct printing on packaging, even large dimensions, an extraordinary printing speed of up to 30 meters per minute, single-pass technology offers an unprecedented competitive advantage

is it right for me?

Yes, if you are looking for a digital packaging printer with a number of print heads that can be configured according to your formats (paper passage up to 250 cm), and that allows very low printing costs.

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Harness the Power of High-Speed Digital Inkjet Printing for Personalized boxes

the new EDM-650X

EDM 650X: A Leap Forward in Quality and Speed, now also available for larger formats!

The EDM-650 series represents an innovative solution for direct digital printing on sheet paper and cardboard with a printing speed of up to 30 meters/minute and very low printing costs. Its configurability to the customer's needs allows great flexibility in printing operations thanks to a support passage that starts from a measure of 120 cm to reach up to 2.5 meters wide and with the possibility of a customized configuration of the number of usable print heads (from 2 to 6) for a printing width ranging from 60 cm to 180 cm.

High-speed digital inkjet printing is the key to revolutionizing the production of customized boxes. With an extraordinary speed of up to 30 meters per minute, technology 4 single-pass colors offers an unprecedented competitive advantage. Imagine getting personalized boxes with vibrant colors And a Definition of impeccable printing, all in one step and in the format you need.

The resistance and durability of colors will guarantee a lasting impact, while the production speed will allow you to meet market demands in record time. Embrace the efficiency and quality of high speed digital inkjet printing, taking your custom box production to the next level with the EDM 650 X Line.

10+1 reasons to choose EDM 650X

New HP 30 cm Print Heads with Print Light

The revolutionary HP printhead technology of the New EDM 650X Single Pass Digital Printer represents the pinnacle of innovation in the field of digital printing. With a 30 cm print light, these heads offer unprecedented precision, capturing minute details and producing vibrant colors. The superior quality of this technology allows you to transform your ideas into extraordinary prints.

6 Available Models

The full range of 6 models available for the EDM 650 X is designed to meet a variety of manufacturing needs. Each model offers specific functionality, from print width to speed, allowing you to customize the solution to your specific needs and maximize operational efficiency.

Maximum Print Light 180 cm

With a maximum printing light of 180 cm, the EDM 650 X opens the way to a wide range of creative possibilities. Experience the freedom to express your vision on a wide range of print media, taking your projects to new levels of magnitude.

Max Paper/Cardboard passage from 120 cm to 250 cm

The versatility of the EDM 650 X is evident in its impressive paper passage range, from 120 cm to 250 cm. This feature allows you to explore a variety of paper formats without compromising print quality, offering unprecedented flexibility in production.

Optional Accessory - Automatic Loader

The addition of the optional automatic loader accessory is synonymous with efficiency and convenience. Reduce print preparation times and optimize your production thanks to this feature that simplifies the workflow, ensuring a smooth transition between runs.

New and Powerful Aspirated Floor

The EDM 650 X's new vacuumed plane is designed to improve print stability and quality. It guarantees optimal adhesion of materials during the printing process, reducing waste and ensuring accurate and reliable results.

New RIP Software included

The RIP software included with the EDM 650 X is an important addition to your suite of production tools. This intuitive software optimizes workflow, simplifying the management of print runs and improving overall operational efficiency.

Very Low Printing Costs

A particular focus has been placed on the running costs of the EDM 650 X. This digital printer has been designed to offer an economic solution without compromising print quality. Reduce operating costs and increase your profitability.

High Capacity Ink Cans - 4 Lt each

Maximize your printing time with the high-capacity ink cans of 4 liters each. This feature ensures continuous production and reduces interruptions during printing, allowing longer runs to be managed with ease.

“Low Migration” Certified Water-based Inks

The EDM 650 X's water-based inks are “Low Migration” certified, ensuring maximum safety for packaging intended for contact with food. The “Low Migration” certification certifies that the inks do not migrate through the support, maintaining the safety and quality of your production.

Possibility to Print from Reel to Reel/Sheet Optional

Flexibility is the key to the EDM 650 X, which allows reel-to-reel or sheet printing based on your preferences. This functionality adapts the printing process to your specific needs, ensuring maximum versatility and adaptability in every project.


Technical Specifications Description
Available Models 5 models: 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, and 180cm
Printing Width Up to 180cm, depending on the model
Printing Mode CMYK (Four-color)
Printing Speed Up to 30 meters per minute
Maximum Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi
Inks Water-based pigment inks, solvent-free
Printable Media Types Cardboard, paper, jute, treated and untreated substrates
Maximum Material Thickness Up to 8 cm thick
Print Head Size From 60 to 180cm depending on the model
Maximum Support Width Variable depending on the model, up to 250cm
Automatic Feeder Yes (Optional), with vacuum pump system
Ink Tanks 4 liters per color
Vacuum Table Yes, to improve support stability
User-Friendliness Extremely user-friendly
Digital Display Yes, with included RIP

Don't miss the opportunity to take your production to the next level with the EDM 650 X. Click and request a contact from the Print Solution team: you'll find out more details and how this printer can transform the way you print.

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