New distribution agreement for Print Solution Srl with Anytron

published by: Print Solution Srl
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Print Solution Srl obtains a new important distribution agreement for the Italian market.

Thanks to the strong experience gained in the field of on-demand label printing, Print Solution srl is now the exclusive partner for the prestigious Korean brand Anytron, an innovative manufacturer of complete solutions for the world of printing and finishing of labels on demand.

The Anytron Brand is produced by Bitek Technology Inc., which has 20 years of experience in the digital printing sector, and which offers a series of truly innovative solutions that will complete the wide range of solutions offered by Print Solution in this area.

Among the Anytron models that will arrive in Italy first, Print Solution has selected ANY-002 and ANY-BLADE.

The ANY-002 model is a printing solution for roll labels equipped with a laser printing engine, capable of printing at high resolution (600x1200dpi) at a production speed of 9 meters per minute, on rolls of 250 meters. The ANY-002 is able to print on paper, fine art papers, certified PET, PP, and transfer paper. ANY-002 uses high-capacity Toner cartridges (K 11,000, CMY 11,500 copies, A4, 5% coverage). ANY-002 is equipped with an unwinder and includes an optional rewinder to operate in roll-to-roll mode. Equipped with a special sensor, ANY-002 can also print on rolls of pre-die-cut labels.


The ANY-BLADE Model is a particularly innovative and high-performance solution for after printing: able to LAMINATE, REMOVE scraps and UNCONTOUR labels: its peculiarity is the double contour unit that allows you to significantly increase productivity. This is a roll-to-roll unit, with automatic unwinder and rewinder. ANY-BLADE is a very flexible stand-alone solution that can be easily combined with any label printer that prints on rolls with a maximum width of 350mm and a maximum diameter of 350mm.


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