Great success for Printsolution at Viscom 2023 in Milan

published by: Print Solution Srl
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As usual, the Visom Fair 2023 in Milan was an extraordinary event for Print Solution. As a leading company in the digital packaging printing sector, we participated with great commitment and presented our latest products, the GreenBox Evo model and the PackPrinter UV model, which generated extraordinary interest among visitors. In this video we want to share some moments filmed at our Stand and to sincerely thank all the visitors who have shown great interest in our products.

Our participation in the Visom 2023 Fair was a real triumph. Our stand was constantly crowded with visitors interested in discovering the latest news in the world of packaging. The visibility we have achieved has far exceeded our expectations, attracting a wide range of industry professionals, from packaging designers to manufacturers and buyers. The practical demonstration of the products and the involvement of our staff have made the visitor experience unforgettable.

GreenBox Evo: The Revolution of On-Demand Packaging Our GreenBox Evo model has captured the public's attention for its ability to revolutionize the concept of on-demand packaging. This machine has been designed to meet the needs of flexible production and quick customization. With GreenBox Evo, it is possible to customize tailor-made packaging in four colors in a few minutes, reducing material waste and reducing production costs. We were thrilled to showcase its versatility, print quality, and ease of use. In the video, you can clearly see the process in action, demonstrating how simple it is to create high-quality, customized packaging solutions.

PackPrinter UV: Precision Printing on Different Materials Our PackPrinter UV model was another star of the fair. This machine offers precision printing on a wide range of materials, from cartons to plastic materials, thanks to 4-color UV printing + White. Its ability to adapt to different substrates and ensure exceptional print quality has aroused great interest among visitors. We demonstrated the versatility of the PackPrinter UV through a live demonstration, printing on different materials, demonstrating its ability to respond to the needs of different markets.

Interaction with Visitors A fundamental element of our success at the Visom 2023 Fair was the interaction with visitors. Our staff was available to answer any questions and to show how the machines work. In the video that accompanies this article, you can see the enthusiasm of our team as they collaborated with customers, explained the characteristics of the products and demonstrated their operation. This direct approach allowed visitors to fully understand the potential of the solutions offered by Print Solution.

Our participation in the Visom 2023 Fair in Milan was an unprecedented success. The presentation of the GreenBox Evo and PackPrinter UV models attracted the attention and interest of a wide audience, demonstrating their revolutionary potential in the packaging sector. The combination of technological innovation, versatility and a highly competent team has positioned us as a benchmark in the digital packaging printing industry. We are excited to see how these solutions will transform the future of on-demand packaging and how we will continue to drive the evolution of this industry.

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