Afinia DLP-2100 + VLF210 in operation at LAVANDA DEL LAGO

published by: Print Solution Srl
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We visited the LAVANDA DEL LAGO company, on Lake Garda, which for a few months has been using with great satisfaction our digital solution consisting of the printing and finishing system Refine DLP-2100 combined with Vertical Liquid Filler VLF210.

In the video we shot, Marco Lo Presti, owner of the company, tells howRefine DLP-2100 allows the production of labels in rolls “just in time” for the entire wide range of natural cosmetic products produced by the company, and this makes it possible to eliminate the need to keep large stocks of pre-printed reels.

But the aspect that most convinced the company to invest in our solution was the possibility of be able to print with the same unit even the materials for the corporate production of single-dose packages made with the Automatic Vertical Liquid Filler VLF-210, which makes it possible to produce samples of creams and gels to promote and sample their cosmetics.

VLF210 It is a digital packaging machine for multilayer single-dose sachets with a speed of adjustable production from 20 to 40 pieces per minute. It is complete with accessories for pre-heating liquids (manually adjustable temperature) and an accessory for the continuous mixing of liquids that avoids the precipitation of the components. With VLF210 it is possible to adjust the amount of liquid with which to fill the single-dose sachets and it automatically solders on three sides, in addition to cutting for easy opening.

VLF210 it also allows you to create both single-dose sachets What products in blister personalized (strip of single-dose sachets) with variable size of the sachets from 3 cm to 10 cm.

We thank Marco Lo Presti for opening the doors of his company to us, allowing us to document and bring you direct testimony of the flexibility and great opportunities offered by the combined printing and filling system. Refine DLP-2100 and VLF-210.

We remind you that Printsolution Srl is at your disposal for more information on this and other printing systems dedicated to labeling and packaging, which the company makes available to meet the most varied market needs.

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