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Its Single Pass 4 color + White head offers unparalleled versatility and print quality. The real magic lies in its ability to print on transparent synthetic materials and even on glass, thanks to UV inks.

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PackPrinter-UV is the ultimate solution for those looking for high-quality printing results and versatility without compromise. UV technology opens up new possibilities in customizing packaging and synthetic materials. This means that your creativity will no longer have limits.

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Printing on Packaging and Synthetic Materials with PackPrinter-UV: the Digital Printer Revolution

The technological evolution in the field of digital printing has opened up new opportunities and challenges for companies that wish to stand out in the market for customizing packaging and synthetic materials. In this context, Packprinter-UV emerges as a catalyst for innovation, revolutionizing printing on a wide range of porous and non-porous materials with exceptional performance.

We will explore in depth the extraordinary abilities of Packprinter-UV, analyzing how this printer has redefined the concept of printing on packaging and synthetic materials. We will also discover how to make the most of this technology to achieve extraordinary results and improve your market positioning.

PackPrinter-UV: The Technology That Changed the Rules of the Game

Packprinter-UV represents the turning point in digital printing. This printer has been designed to overcome the most complex challenges and offer exceptional results thanks to its cutting-edge printhead, which uses UV inks. His little head Single Pass 4 colors + White offers unparalleled versatility and print quality. The real magic lies in its ability to print on transparent synthetic materials and even on glass. This level of versatility opens up new perspectives for printing on packaging and synthetic materials.

Unlimited Versatility: Print on Any Material

One of the distinctive features of Packprinter-UV is its ability to print on a wide range of materials. With this printer, there are no limits in the choice of materials for your printing projects. You can print on materials such as Forex, coated cartons, shoppers into synthetic materials, vinyl materials and imitation leather with ease and exceptional quality. This flexibility allows designers and companies to explore new frontiers in personalizing.

PackPrinter-UV's Extraordinary Single Pass Speed

One of the characteristics that distinguish Packprinter-UV It is its exceptional printing speed in single pass mode, which can reach up to 50 meters per minute. This extraordinary printing capability allows you to produce high-quality results at an impressive speed, making Packprinter-UV the ideal solution for projects that require efficiency and precision. With such a high speed, the printing of large print runs or large scale projects it becomes a quick and efficient operation. Whether you're customizing packaging, or printing on synthetic materials or other printing projects, Packprinter-UV offers unparalleled performance to meet the most demanding needs. The combination of Print Speed and Quality than Packprinter-UV represents a significant advantage for companies that seek to achieve exceptional results quickly, allowing them to stand out in the market.

Custom Configurations for Your Needs

A key aspect that makes Packprinter-UV an exceptional choice is its ability to adapt to the specific printing needs of each customer. This printer is available in various configurations with different options for the number of heads and the print light, which varies 12 to 118 centimeters. This flexibility allows printing professionals to customize their Packprinter-UV to obtain optimal results based on the materials they intend to print and the size of the projects. Whether you're working on a small-scale project or a large production, Packprinter-UV is able to meet your specific needs with tailor-made configurations. This customization gives you complete control over your production and allows you to maximize the efficiency and quality of your printing on packaging and synthetic materials. Your creativity will know no limits, as you can adapt Packprinter-UV to the unique challenges that your industry requires.

Customizing Calendars and Diaries with Packprinter-UV

One sector that greatly benefits from technology is customizing calendars and diaries. Packprinter-UV, a cutting-edge printer, opens up new possibilities for creative and unique printing projects on innovative materials. With this printer, you can personalize calendars made from high-quality materials and customize synthetic leather planners with crisp print details and vibrant colors. Packprinter-UV delivers superior print results, making all of this possible.

The Advantages of UV Technology

Packprinter-UV utilizes UV inks, which represents a significant advantage in terms of performance and durability. UV inks are known for their weather resistance, To the water And Allo rubbing. This means that your printed materials will keep their brilliance and quality over time, even when exposed to adverse conditions.

Specialized Assistance to Maximize Results

To take full advantage of the power of Packprinter-UV, it is essential to have the support of experts in the field: the PrintSolution technical staff is ready to answer all your questions and to guide you in the implementation of your printing projects. Specialized assistance is a key element in obtaining exceptional results.

Why Choose PackPrinter-UV

  • Versatility: Print on any material, from cardboard to glass.
  • High Speed Single Pass 4+1 Color Printing: up to 50 meters per minute
  • Available in various Configurations with Number of Heads and Print Light from 12 to 118 cm
  • Excellent Quality: Sharp and vibrant print results up to 600x1200DPI
  • Technological Innovation: Uses UV inks for superior performance.
  • Specialized Support: Our team is ready to answer all your questions.

The Digital Printing Revolution

Packprinter-UV It is the definitive solution for those looking for results of high quality printing and uncompromising versatility. UV technology opens up new possibilities in customization of packaging and synthetic materials. This means that your creativity will no longer have limits.

With Packprinter-UV you are ready to challenge conventions and to redefine your approach to printing and design. Packprinter-UV change the rules of the game in printing on packaging and synthetic materials. Its versatility and exceptional print quality make it an ideal choice for those looking for high-quality results. Use this technology to stand out in the market and take your creativity to the next level. Your search for advanced and versatile printing solutions ends here with Packprinter-UV.

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Technical Specifications Description
Models 9 models with variable printing width
Printing Width From 12 cm to 118 cm
Printing Resolution 600 x 1200 dpi
Printing Speed Up to 50 meters per minute
Printing Mode 4 colors + White (CMYKW)
Ink Type UV Inks
Print Heads S3200 U3
Number of Nozzles 3200
Nozzles per Inch 1/300
Nozzle Rows per Inch 2
Nozzle Size 150.4mm x 30mm x 52mm
Print Quality Exceptional sharpness and color vibrancy
Inks High-performance UV inks
Printable Media PVC, ABS, Acrylic, Cardboard, Coated Papers, White Cardboard, Aluminum/Plastic Packaging, Wood, Glass, Ceramic, Metal Sheets, Foam Panels, and other synthetic materials

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