New Open House March 5th and 6th in Rende (CS)

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NEW OPEN HOUSE AT CALIÒ Informatica Srl in Rende (CS)

PrintSolution is pleased to announce an important partnership agreement with the company CALIÒ Informatica Srl of Rende (CS) for the resale and assistance of its Digital Printing and Finishing Systems. The agreement will allow CALIÒ Informatica to become a strategic support point for Southern Italy and will allow operators in the sector in neighboring regions to be able to rely on a local partner to learn more about the full range of Digital Systems for Labeling and Packaging distributed by PrintSolution Srl.

As the first act of this fruitful collaboration, the two companies organized the 1st OPEN HOUSE dedicated to the presentation of the New GREENBOX2, which will be held the next March 5 and 6, 2021 at the headquarters of CALIÒ Informatica in Via Venezia, 24 in Rende (CS).

The event is free and dedicated to all operators who will have the opportunity to see the Greenbox 2 and will be able to have direct advice from Print Solution and Caliò Informatica technicians.

To ensure distancing in full compliance with anti-COVID regulations, a reservation is necessary.

For info & reservations: Elena 393.8375763 < >

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