UV-LED Roll-to-Roll & Flatbed Inkjet Printer

TRR770 UV-LED Roll-to-Roll & Flatbed Inkjet Printer

TRR770 is an industrial roll-to-roll and flatbed UV-LED inkjet printer with small footprint and superior performance, specially designed for high-quality colorful label and industrial decoration printing. TRR770 supports the printing of most label materials widely used in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and household chemical products, as well as a wide range of rigid media substrates, bringing you more business opportunities and potential profits. TRR770 is an ideal choice for short-run and on-demand printing of labels and customized decorations.

3 printing modes available:

  • Dual-roll Printing: Simultaneous printing of two separate rolls
  • Single-roll Printing: Max. print width of 770mm
  • Flatbed Printing: Template Printing on rigid objects


Advanced Print Head Control Technology
TRR770 is equipped with industrial DOD piezoelectric inkjet print heads featuring 600dpi physical resolution and minimum 7pl droplet with high jetting frequency.

Amica’s proprietary VDS (Variable Droplet Size) control technology produces vivid colors, smooth gradients, as well as crisp and clear small-sized texts and lines, providing you with high-quality final label prints.

Variable Data Printing Builds Added Value Applications

TRR770 supports colorful variable data printing, including texts, numbers, time, serial numbers, barcodes, etc. Variable data printing helps you create added value applications and obtain more business opportunities for personalized labels.

White Ink Brings More Possibilities

By controlling the amount or number of white ink layers, Amica’s high density white ink delivers vibrant and exceptional image quality on transparent, colored or metallic labels with less ink consumption. White ink can be applied as a base or over layer printed to obtain labels with vivid colors and bright images.

The separate white ink circulation system keeps the white ink properly mixed continuously for consistent and stable print quality.

Varnish Ink Offers Stunning Tactile and Visual Effects

Varnish ink printing provides versatile surface finishes with amazing tactile and visual effects to beautify the appearance of labels and grasp viewers’ attention. The overall label can be covered with a gloss/ matte finish to offer a similar look as lamination; or glossy/ matte spot varnish can be added to some specified appealing parts to highlight important details, such as logos, slogans or special designs.

Moreover, embossed effects can be attained by laying down multiple layers of varnish ink.

with a gloss finish
with a matte finish
with spot varnish
Colorful images and embossed effects on labels with White ink + CMYK + Varnish ink

Dual-roll Printing Mode

enables you to

increasingly enhance
the production
flexibility & efficiency.

Different width rolls,
different diameter rolls,
different jobs, or
different media
can be simultaneously printed
as two separate rolls.

Dual-roll Printing Mode

Template Printing in Flatbed Printing Mode
With Flatbed Printing mode, TRR770 is an ideal solution for printing multiple small-sized objects simultaneously, even with different artworks. The fixture can be placed on the flatbed table to quickly position small-sized objects. The ColorPRINT RIP software allows to customize “template” according to the fixture and define each image. The real-time preview achieves what you see is what you print.

Custom Template
Template Printing

  • Active Negative Pressure System

An Active Negative Pressure System with digital control pressure display gauge ensures high-quality printing at higher possible firing frequency.

  • Print Head Maintenance Module

Based on an all-in-one design concept, the small and compact Print Head Maintenance Module allows automatic purging, wiping and capping for convenient unattended operation.

  • Automatic Ink Supply System

Automatic Ink Supply System monitors and controls the ink levels of the main/ sub ink tanks with liquid level sensors. The alarm will be automatically triggered for ink shortage or overflows.


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