Fast, Versatile and Reliable Ink jet Label Printer


Fast, Versatile and Reliable Ink jet Label Printer

The NS-PRO EVO is a high productivity inkjet printer equipped with the latest generation Memjet Sirius engine that guarantees perfect printhead cleaning for the entire duration of processing.

The 2-liter tank combined with the ability to mount reels up to 1000 meters and the table to make possible joints, make it capable of high autonomy.

Thanks to the new NIAGARA inks the printing cost is even lower and the print head life is always greater!

The management software, practical and intuitive, makes it easy to use, reducing production times furterly.

Fast, precise and reliable, NS PRO EVO is a high-speed inkjet printer ideal for those who supply labels and packaging solutions.

Different works, same reel

Based on Memjet Sirius technology

Continuous printhead cleaning system

NS PRO EVO software allows the following controls:

Check ink level

Measure of reel ray

Temperature and climate check

Automatic Alarm on consumables

Use of ink for each process

NS PRO EVO software is already included, so machine supplied is ready to go



This video shows the NS PRO EVO printer combined with its finishing online unit, NS F22. The same printing unit is integrated in the New Complete NS LION System which integrates the innovative Coating unit to print even on untreated materials for the Inkjet

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