iMark 50x70

Automatic digital sheet cutting and creasing system

I-MARK 50 x 70

Automatic digital sheet cutting and creasing system

I-Mark is a range of digital sheet-fed die-cutters with automatic loader, which allows to perform all die-cutting and contour-cutting jobs on printed sheets without operator. Thanks to its high productivity it has become the ideal solution for traditional, digital and screen printers, for the production of labels, stickers, templates and cardboard boxes.

Thanks to its sales success, the renewed 2020 range of I-Mark consists of 3 models:

I-Mark 35x50 Base (die-cutter only)
I-Mark 35x50 Die-cutter & creasing tool  
I-Mark 50x70 Die-cutter & creasing machine  

Die-cutting function:
All I-Mark models perform in a fast and precise way the half-cut on adhesive materials and the through-cut on paperboards up to 350gr. The pass-through cut automatically leaves attachments so that the work doesn't detach from the support.

Creasing function:
The I-Mark models equipped with this function can be used for automatic creasing, very practical in the realization of prototypes, mock-ups or small runs of packages and cardboard boxes.

About 80 sheets can be inserted in the I-Mark's feeding compartment, with the possibility to add more sheets during the processing without stopping the machine. A vacuum suction-cup system picks up the sheets from the loader for insertion into the cutting unit. The system is equipped with an internal vacuum compressor and does not require any external air connections. The 2020 version of I-Mark uses the new Graphtec CE7000 series cutting plotter.
Alignment is performed by reading the marks on each sheet. A camera detects the marks in a few tenths of a second. I-Mark's working speed varies with contour complexity, but averages 30-40 seconds per sheet. The precision that is reached is very high (0.2mm).

The square marks of just 4mm allows an almost entire sheet to be used with minimal waste (about 15mm are used on each side of the sheet).

The sheet sizes that can be used range from A3 size up to 50x70cm. (or 35x50cm depending on the version).

The supplied I-Mark Software allows the use of graphic files created in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw and the connection to a computer with any Windows version. Through the separate use of the layers in Illustrator or Corel Draw it becomes very easy to create the cutting path file to export to be immediately used by the I-Mark management software.

The machine is supplied with the dedicated I-Mark digital cutting software. This software has been designed to cut labels and allows to import graphic files in .ai and .eps format.  The graphics must be combined with two marks of reference. The dedicated camera combined with the software performs the reading of the marks and adapts the cutting position. The software works with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.

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