Digital Printer for Packaging with Water Resistant eco-friendly Inks


Very easy to use, and extremely versatile Greenbox represents the digital solution to enter in the world of direct printing on packaging with a small investment.  Especially for a market that is constantly growing and needs to customize  boxes, envelopes for shipments , paper and juta bags  in small and medium quantity.

The incredible versatility of this system is obtained through the combined use of an ultra-fast HP print engine,  PageWide technology.   Greenbox uses  water-based pigment inks , solvent-free and totally odorless, able to print on treated and untreated surfaces.   A moving print head,  adjustable both in height to print media up to 15 cm thick, and in width ,  allow you to center the print even on extra large media.

Greenbox has a 297mm print head mounted on a moving track which gives it the ability to move on an 80cm axis. This system allows to center the printing area on supports up to 100 cm wide.

Exactly for this reason Greenbox will increase your business opportunities, allowing you to print directly in full color on both flat and corrugated cartons (open wave and covered wave), and on pre-punched packs such as boxes for cakes, pizzas, wines, shoes,  and envelopes for shipping. With Greenbox there are no limits.

Greenbox productivity is guaranteed by its printing speed. In fact, thanks to the HP singlepass Print Head, the system is able to produce full color prints at 28 meters per minute with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi.

Greenbox uses pigmented water-based inks, used by the most popular systems for the on-demand production of packaging and labels. These inks guarantee, besides the excellent yield on substrates, even untreated, a great resistance both to atmospheric agents and to rubbing and water.

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